5 Things to Look for in Choosing a Workout Facility in Columbus, Ohio

When one thinks of the best places to workout in the Columbus, Ohio area the first thing that comes to their mind is the gyms and fitness centers near the Ohio State University.   While these are great choices if you are a student, many people need an alternative after they graduate or move to the suburbs.

Columbus Workout Facility

With thing in mind we decided to list 5 things to look for when choosing a workout facility in Columbus area.  With the population on the rise, gyms have popped up left and right in these suburbs.   With this being said, not all gyms are the same and that is why it is important to shop around to find the gym or fitness center to fit your needs.  Here are 5 things that we look for when choosing a workout center.

  1. Goal-  Different people have different fitness goals in mind.   While some people want to gain mass and bulk, many people want to shed weight.   This is the first thing that one needs to look at when choosing a gym of their choice.  For instance if you are into power lifting and throwing around heavy weights you may choose a gym such as The Dogghouse Powerlifting Gym, but a person that is just trying to stay tone and maybe lose a few pounds might feel out of place at a gym like that.  It all depends on the goal of the person and what they are trying to do.
  2. Personal Trainer-  For those who are in need of some guidance it is often wise to choose a gym or fitness facility that is available to a personal trainer.   For instance if you hired an Upper Arlington personal trainer and had a monthly membership to a gym that outside personal training was not allowed, you are costing yourself a lot of extra money.  Check with your personal trainer and the fitness center that you are interested in before signing a contract, as some Columbus area gyms do not allow outside trainers to train clients in their gym.
  3. Location-  Let’s face it to stay in shape takes at minimum 2 to 3 times a week of working out.  If it always wise to pick a location that is either close to your home or your work as you are probably fitting in a workout before or after your daily commute.  With this in mind it is important to find something that meets your needs, while not being too far out of traveling distance.  One good thing about Body Mechanix is that we have several locations to choose from and we will travel to a location that is convenient for our clients.  To check our current locations you click here.
  4. Price-  While you can’t really put a price tag on your health it is important to shop around and get a good price on your membership.   Truth be told, many Upper Arlington fitness centers overcharge clients with various fees and hidden costs.   They may get you in the door at a low price, but they will often throw in hidden prices throughout the year to try and get the most from their members.  Be sure to read the fine print before signing a contract and ask to speak with a manager to get full details of what is involved in your contract.
  5. Feel-  Last but not least we recommend that a person should get a feel for the fitness center that they are interested in joining.  Inspect the ins and outs of the gym and look online for reviews on the gym.  Many gyms will look great on the outside, but may be real problematic on the inside.   Poor shower facilities, poor cleaning habits, lazy staff members and rude gym etiquette are just a few of the most common things that clients complain of when they are rating a gym.  For instance just do a Google search for “Upper Arlington Fitness Center Reviews” or “Columbus Gym Reviews” if you want to find what real people have to say about some of your local workout centers.

Overall it is always wise to shop around before making a commitment to a gym.  Talk to family, friends and do your own in person and online research before committing to any facility.  With a balance between family, friends and your own personal research you should have no trouble finding a workout facility in Columbus that fits your needs.