Exercising with Your Family

When you think about exercising you will want to consider the fact that your family should be included.  With electronics and social media on the rise it seems that most children do not want to go outside or move off of the couch.  This can be a real problem.  You will see that if you are serious about helping your children get into shape then you will want to start exercising with them. It really is best for everyone.

family-exerciseIf you have made the decision to start exercising with your family it will be very important to make sure that you are taking the time to find something new and exciting for everyone to do. This could be as simple as finding a game that everyone can play or finding a video with new stretches and exercises on it.  There are several different yoga videos out there for small children.  If you really want your children to become excited then you have to find something new for them.  Here are some more ways to get your family in shape.

Get moving

Another way to promote exercising with your children would be to get moving.  Take the steps at work; go to the park, parking your vehicle farther away from the entrance.  These are just a few of the many daily things that can keep one moving a little bit more each and every day.

Get into Sports

Sports are a fun way to keep kids active and healthy.  Studies have shown that students who are involved in sports are less likely to fail in school and have more motivation to stay active in their school work.  Start students young and keep them motivated by keeping them in sports.

Get a Training Program

Finding a personal trainer is easy, finding a good one is hard.  At Body Mechanix we like to not only build programs focused on our clients, but ones that they can pass on to others.  While one routine may work great for one person, it might not be the best for another.  Getting to know your personal trainer on a personal level will let you find out about Columbus area kids fitness programs and sports that they may have never heard of before.

Eat Better

As a rule of thumb children don’t eat the healthiest foods.   While kids are always going to like sugary snacks it is important to show them how to eat properly.   Using the guidelines from our nutritional plans and showing good eating habits is something that kids learn from their parents.   The yummy shakes that we teach our clients how to make can be modified and made for kids too.


Do you have any chores that take place outside on a regular basis?  For example, are you walking the dogs a few times a day? If that is the case then you will want to start including your children in this routine.  They are going to love helping out. It gets them active, teaches them about responsibility and creates time for you to bond with your children.

Daily Walks

Exercise routines can be fun as well.  There are a lot of people that will make it a routine to take a walk after dinner each evening.  Again, this is a great time to talk to your children about what took place during the day.  It becomes something that your children will look forward to and you will be helping them stay in shape.

If you have older children then you could make exercising more of a challenge.  One way to do this would be to determine who can burn the most calories in one day, or in one week.  If you are a competitive family then you may all find this to be a great deal of fun.  It is certainly a unique way to get everyone moving and involved in a fitness routine.