Fitness Through Detoxing

If you are thinking about getting into shape then you may want to do some research on detoxing.  More and more people looking for a fitness nutrition plan have chosen to go the detoxing route before starting their new diet.  This is not new and it seems that more and more people are making the decision to carry out this type of diet.

Most people are going to tell you that they are detoxing because they are trying to get rid of any toxins that may be in the liver. However, you will find that there is no research out there that shows a normal liver being full of toxins.  Keep that in mind as you try to decide if you want to go through with this or not.  We don’t suggest one way or the other, but we would like to inform our clients on the decision in case they choose to do so. 

Positive of Detoxingdetox-diet

On the flip side, there are some positives related to detoxing.  In fact, when you go through with a detox diet you are going to see that you will be decreasing the amount of negative foods you may typically be putting into your body.  This is going to help your body get rid of any waste within much easier.  Everyone knows that this is a certainly a good idea.  So, if you are tired of consuming foods that are bad for you then you may want to think about detoxing at some point in time.  But, that does not mean that you should do this all of the time.  We recommend picking a time period BEFORE you start intensive workouts for your detoxing, as you will need the nutrients from a sound diet to succeed in your daily workouts.

When you prepare to go through with detoxing you will want to keep a few things in mind.  First off, you will not want to start out by following a really strict plan.  Doing so will only make it more difficult for you.  It is better to start by making healthier decisions.  You are going to find that consuming more plant foods, and less processed foods, will make some really serious changes to your body. 

With this in mind we created a 28 Day Diet Plan to help our clients.  The goal of this diet plan is to not only train our clients how to eat right, but also give them a “lifestyle change”, rather than just a quick weight loss plan.   Other diet plans such as Atkins, Paleo and other “Hollywood” diets come and go.   While all of these help people lose weight, it is very hard to someone to keep on with these diets as they often rely on tricking the body with a low carb diet or an extreme calorie reduction diet.  These are not long term fixes and we find that clients who try these diets will often immediately gain their weight back after they stop “dieting”.

While we don’t suggest that any of our clients go through a detoxing stage, it is something that many have tried out before going on our plan and have seemed to gain benefits from. When choosing a detox diet it is always wise to consult a professional before jumping into anything.  We suggest getting a physical and speaking with a doctor familiar with a detox diet before doing anything else.  You can also contact us as we offer wellness consulting and we can discuss the pros and cons of trying different detox methods with you.

If you are worried about following through with this diet plan then you should consider the fact that there are a few easy ways to begin detoxing your body.  One of the major ways that you can do this will be to drink more water.  This is not difficult at all and it is not going to cost you any money either.  You will begin flushing your system when you do this and it is not going to take anytime at all.

As previously mentioned, you should stop consuming processed foods. If you are able to consume more foods that are natural, or organic, you will be decreasing the chemicals that you are putting into your body. Individuals will be consuming more vitamins, minerals and fiber.  All of these things are good for your body and can improve your overall health.

Finally, when you do make the decision to detox your body you will need to consider some of your habits.  Detoxing is going to go past the food that you are consuming.  Individuals must also take into consideration the amount of alcohol they are consuming and any tobacco products that they are taking into your body as well. It will not do you any good to watch what foods you are putting into your body in order to become healthier if you are continuing to consume alcohol on a regular basis and you are smoking cigarettes all of the time.  These are certainly habits that you will need to look at closely and work on changing if you are detoxing.